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Negligent Security

A property owner can be held responsible for injuries sustained by a victim as a result of foreseeable attacks by a third person on the property owner’s premises. These attacks can occur on private residences, bars, nightclubs, retail stores, shopping mall, gas stations, hotels and office buildings. A property owner must take reasonable steps to ensure those lawfully on the property are reasonably protected from foreseeable crimes. This is often accomplished by hiring security guards, installing surveillance cameras and having procedures in place to deter criminal activity.

In order to prove an attack was foreseeable, the victim must show that the property owner had actual notice of a pending attack (which is rare) or the property owner had constructive notice (i.e. the property owner should have known the attack was likely to occur). This is usually proven by showing the property is located in a high crime area or that the premise was the site of attacks in the past. If you were the victim of an attack it is important that you hire an attorney experienced in handling negligent security cases.

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